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Swansea City AFC Community Trust has been given funding to run a Kicks Game On Project.

Kicks is a Premier League programme and Game on is a Coalfields Regeneration Trust initiative. They have similar aims so we have designed a project that combines the best of both.

This project has been running in Port Talbot since January 2013. In the next few months we will be rolling it out in the Upper Swansea Valley. Kicks Game On gives young people the chance to play sport, to volunteer if they want and have training that leads to qualifications. Anyone, male and female, aged between 14 and 19 can be involved, and if there's enough demand we will also run sessions for 11-14 year olds.

Are you interested in football? Just want a kick about or perhaps you've thought about learning to coach but didn't know how? The Kicks Game On project is a good place to start whatever your level of interest in the sport.

Or maybe you're good at designing posters? Perhaps you'd like to try making a short video? There are lots of opportunities at the Kicks Game On Project that don't require skilful footwork. And we can support you through our Time Banking scheme to trade in the time you spend with us for rewards.


Premier League Charitable Fund, WGCADA, Coalfields Regeneration Trust, South Wales Police

Kicks Game On

Coming Soon - If you like the sound of it please …. watch this space for details about where, when and how you can get involved.